Modern SVG icons

Coreicon includes over 910 UI icons for the Web, iOS, Android, and desktop apps


Modern SVG UI icons — with a well-organized Figma components library

  • Based on 24px grid
  • 100% Customizable
  • MIT licence
  • Scalable library
  • Pixel perfect
  • Support

Core Pro

The 280 UI icons made in the Figma environment for essential needs

Core Editor

The 156 UI icons made in the Figma environment for editing needs

Core Linear

The 208 UI icons made in the Figma environment for pointers needs

Everything you need to know

Frequency asked questions

The Coreicon includes over 910 UI icons as well done and organised via Figma, IconJar and SVG. By the way, this total of icons could cover 9 of 10 requests. However, product design is always a dynamic process of development. The total icon number will increase coming soon.

Scope of UI icons that represent the Core libraries or Core bundles on the official site For example, if you paid for the Core E-store bundle will have been given 72 UI icons format Figma, IconJar, and SVG.

All had hidden in details. I think the Coreicon is a metaphor language that underlines the meaning and aesthetic looks for UI, Design systems, etc. If you like a metaphor, shape, line, or icon style overall, in the end, you throw out any reason to find answers to why it is so awesome. This project used best practices and followed the Material Design guidelines.

You can press a button with the label "Buy for $.."" on our site and continue paying in a new window. Credit cards Visa, Master, Maestro, Google and Apple Pay are accepted. We're using the Fondy app to protect the payment process.

On average, the supply stage is from 10 min to 4 hours. Usually, this crucial depends on the situation of electricity in the Kyiv and Kyiv region. After payments, everyone takes an additional info message and our mail All files and icons supply on the user contact Email. Nobody stayed without our modern SVG icons by Coreicon.

During the russia invasion of Ukraine nothing to plan for a long time. Every next day is a gift for millions of Ukrainian. We stayed here in our homeland Ukraine and keep hard-working to create new UI icons. Thanks to all the Ukrainian warriors who struggle against the wildest putin’s fake imperialism and the inhumanity of foreign terrorists.

Definitely. Please send more info or a design brief to with the topic letter "A custom icons".

Sincerely from Ukraine 🫶