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The product, developed by a Ukrainian team, is dedicated to meeting diverse user needs with a modern and clear UI icon design

Oleh PF is Creator Coreicon

Oleh PF Creator of Coreicon

We're Ukrainians

Slava Ukraini! Coreicon is a dynamic, small software team based in Bucha, Ukraine. Thanks to the Army Defences of Ukraine and the United24 allies community for the opportunity to have the next day!

We live with a clear worldview without any illusions about the russian invasion of Ukraine and call on other people to realize that russia is a terrorist state*.

Our main objective of Coreicon is to assist designers and developers in enhancing their daily work satisfaction. We believe in the value of meticulously crafted libraries of UI icons, which play a vital role in creating new products and services while ensuring efficiency and consistency.

Coreicon offers a comprehensive visual language featuring vector symbols organized by subject and category. Our UI icons are available in various formats including Figma, IconJar, and SVG.

In March 2022, the team members survived the russian invasion of Ukraine and began work on the coreicon.dev website. At Coreicon, we take pride in our ability to understand the essential meaning behind each icon, all while maintaining a visually pleasing aesthetic.

Coreicon excelsin creating captivating UI icons for various platforms, including Web, iOS, Android, and Desktop apps. Sincerely from Ukraine!

* russia is a terrorist state! We don't work with russians, and everyone who supports the invasion of Ukraine enjoys occupied territory, or justifies the next missile attack to destroy cities and murder the citizens of Ukraine will be punished like a war criminal.

Don't stay aside by watching which country is next for invasion russians — Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania... Help to get the victory of Ukraine and save life a lot of millions of people in Europe!

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