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The Coreicon is a true story about how to take one point to keep shaping a modern UI icons

Oleh PF is Creator Coreicon

Oleh PF Creator of Coreicon

Why is Coreicon exactly?

Slava Ukraini, everyone! We are a small company based in Bucha facing both a great opportunity and an unpredictable challenge.

Our product focuses on helping designers and developers improve daily work satisfaction by using well-done libraries of UI icons to keep building new products or services.

In a broader sense, Coreicon is a visual language that consists of over 1064 vector symbols grouped by subject and category to deliver in Figma, IconJar and SVG formats. In Spring 2022, we launched the official site coreicon.dev

Creating engaging UI icons for the Web, iOS, Android, and desktop apps is Coreicon’s greatest strength, but that’s not all. We keep running along the evolution of user experience within the functionality interface, always trying to find the primary meaning of each element and maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the interface icons.

A year later, we see the prospective side of Coreicon - a young project created in Ukraine, which became competitive in a complex and talent-filled market segment.

Finally, the ability to create valuable things for designers and developers is an invaluable skill. Undoubtedly, russia is a terrorist state, putin is a war criminal who should be executed, like all the guilty who support his policy of destroying Ukrainian culture, history and nation.

We thank the Armed Forces of Ukraine and our allies for every day! 💙💛

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